Life in a rock band

Anyone who’s tried ever being in a band knows just how much work one has to go through. In our case, the main reason that we even started a band was not because of the probability of becoming famous, it’s only because we love to play; plain and simple. When we formed this band, all we were asking for from the members was the dedication and the heart to play, nothing more, nothing less. However there comes a time that certain members tend to bring down the entire band, a sad but true fact.

It happens to almost every band. Changes in the line up is not an uncommon thing, but it’s something that most bands try to avoid as much as possible. Unfortunately, there are times that this situation just can’t be avoided and deciding on how to tell a member of the band and a friend that he has to go is a task in itself.

The thing is, we take our music and the band very seriously, and although we’re not really planning on being the next big thing, we want to see our band grow. However, that’s just not the case with some members of the band. There are certain factors that make a band successful, first is the chemistry, next is the dedication, then last comes the talent. If you have the talent but don’t have the passion, then you’re definitely not going to make it as a member of our band.

The problem we have with one member is that, he plays at his own pace, when he wants to and where he wants to; hell he even never makes it on time for practice. He’s always more than an hour late, now where’s the commitment in that? If he was going to late or somehow couldn’t make it on the said time, he could at least let us know, that’s what a cellphone is for!

That’s not all, his playing style is what’s really annoying. True he is a talented drummer, however he has no discipline whatsoever. He never listens to the pace of the song, instead goes at his own pace. This is very irritating because instead of bringing the whole sound together, what happens is that we end up chasing after his beat, and that’s just plain stupid. Time and time again we would always tell him to control his pace, listen to the song and go with it. Unfortunately our efforts fell upon deaf ears because up to this day, he still plays the same way; no discipline.

At times he would even play only to please the crowd, now what the hell is that! Don’t get me wrong, it’s only normal to get the crowd hyped up, but to the point where the rest of the band and even the songs suffer, thanks but no thanks. So, unfortunate as it is, we are now forced to replace him with someone who can fit in. It’s a sad waste of talent, but that’s life in a rock band.


2 Responses to “Life in a rock band”

  1. Oh! Where to begin! After a lifetime in bands, some famous, some obscure, I feel eminently qualified to talk about this problem.

    In one of my early bands, three of us were growing as musicians, and the drummer was able, but limited. He was happy to turn up, have a few pints, and play, but we felt he was holding us back. We sacked him, and recruited another friend who was far more technical. What a monumental error! All the fans staged protests., and pretty soon, the whole thing fell apart. In retrospect, the fans were right, they loved our chemistry as that line-up, and they loved Col, the drummer for who he was. It was a tough lesson.
    More recently, in the better-known band I play with, our guitarist left. We immediately replaced him with a Danish guy who fitted in perfectly. The changeover was seamless. Some months later, the other guy realised his error, and thought he could return. NOT HAPPENING!
    Closer to home, my daughter has spent two years crafting a brillaint set of songs and a band, poised to sign a deal. Now, its all wasted, because she percieved the guitarist had lost focus and commitment.They had a very public falling out, and he said he couldnt work with her anymore. As the main two songwriters in a 3 piece, the band just imploded.What a waste.
    I was in one band from 1981 to 1996 with no personnel changes, everybody was focused, and we made a good living, because we were stable. Running a rock band is like playing with a chemistry set, occassionally volatile, but once in a while capable of producing something amazing!

  2. What you said is true, a rock band is like a chemistry set, you get the wrong mixture and everything blows up in your face. Get a good one however, and you’re sure to go places. Thanks for the comment man.

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