What is it with these people?

Just last night before going home, me and a friend was waiting for a cab ride, since it was lightly raining and I didn’t feel like taking the bus.  Another thing, it was late and I had to get some rest, so I thought that taking a cab would be the best option.  I guess I was wrong, the cabs that we were hailing were either not taking customers, or wanted to charge us extra for the trip.

What the hell?!  First and foremost, they’re drivers, it’s their job to take in passengers no matter where the hell they want to go.  Next is, why in the world would they charge extra? I mean, I understand that they’re having money problems, but hey who isn’t having money problems right now?  So, with my middle finger flashing I told most of those drivers to bite me, and slammed the door in their faces.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against drivers, it’s asshole drivers I hate.  Hey, if money was coming out of my butt, then I would’ve gladly paid for the extra charge; but that doesn’t happen.  When I finally got a ride, I was blowing my head off, and asking the driver why some if not most of them would ask for extra charge.  He told me it was because of the rising prices in petroleum products.  He also told me that because of this, the money that they get in one day is not enough.  Ok, I can understand that part, but like I said, we’re all having money problems, and duping people to pay more is not the way to solve that problem.

It’s that kind of thinking that really pisses me off, you know like: ” I don’t have cash, let’s see who if I can con someone today.”  I don’t want to sound to political or anything, but don’t you think that’s one the reasons why our country isn’t going anywhere?  Ho hum, it’s a fact of life I guess, but it’s pretty sad though.


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