Best Drunk moment ever!!!

I don’t know why, but this blog is a little late considering the fact that the events I’m about to tell you happened last November 17, 2007. I guess I’m just lazy, or maybe it’s the fact that I just had to talk about what happened that day.. or should I say night. It was an outing with some of my friends at work, an outing that we spent weeks planning and yes, I was definitely excited.

So, the day started like any regular outing would, going to the meeting place at a designated time, well in our case we met up at the office and went to a friend’s house to prepare the food that we were suppose to eat once we got to our destination. The place by the way is LoreLand (hmm, I wonder if I spelled that right), in Antipolo; it’s a resort with about 5 to 7 pools. Anyway, so like I said, we went to a friend’s house to prepare everything before hitting our destination.

I won’t bore you with the details of what we were doing before hitting the booze and go right to the center of the action. We started our alcohol session at around 10pm, mainly because the guy in charge of the liquor arrived incredibly late. He had with him two long neck bottles of Grand Matador brandy, and to be honest I’m not really good with hard drinks; give me beer anytime but hard liquor always manages to screw my head.

We were having our first bottle while playing cards, and while waiting for the crowd to move away from the videoke machine ( a combination of a karaoke and video arcade unit). When we noticed the noise die down a little, we then proceeded to where the machine was located. By that time, we had finished the first bottle and I think there was just four of us drinking that time. I could already feel the effects of the alcohol, although it’s normal for me to get hit early on.

As we started our little singing session, I don’t know why but there was now only three of us left to finish off that one liter bottle of brandy, and like what I’ve said; I’m not too good when it comes to hard drinks. I was waiting for my song which was U2’s With or Without You, a favorite of one of the girls I was hoping to impress. But as fate would have it, impress her not was what happened, because by the time my song came up I was shouting the lyrics and cursing after every verse. I couldn’t even remember what happened after that. My friends told me that I was hogging the mike and singing songs I’m not even familiar with, and songs that I wouldn’t dare sing while I’m sober.

But it doesn’t end there, feeling that I was totally wasted, all I could think of right now was to just lie down and sleep the rest of the night away ( any drunk bastard would). So I managed to walk all the way back to our room only to find that it was locked, and being to drunk and too dizzy to walk back, my next option was the cottage right in front of the room. With that said, I laid myself down on the cottage bench and started snoozing away. I really didn’t care at that point, all I really wanted to do was to sleep, sleep, and sleep.

It wasn’t until some time that I could vaguely make out the voices of my friends, trying to wake me up and asking if I was okay. I was too tired and too drunk to answer let alone move to let them know that I was still alive. And it gets even better, when you’re drunk, sleeping outside, the last thing that you need is bad weather. Well that’s exactly what happened when it suddenly started to rain.

Again, my friends were trying to wake me up telling me to go inside the room, but like Sleeping Beauty on downers, I didn’t even move one inch. So, my good friends decided to make fun of this drunken schmuck by covering me up with pizza boxes, making me look like one of those poor, drunken bastards you see in the movies. I woke up the next day with a larger than life headache, everything was still spinning and the terrible realization that I just made a complete dick of myself in front of the one girl in the office that I really like.

We went home at around lunch time the November 18, and when I got home I slept until the next day. When I got to the office, my friends were singing With or Without You, very loud and very out of tune, their way of telling me how wasted I was that weekend. Well, as for the girl, we haven’t spoken to each other since that day, well not the way that we usually talk to each other anyway. But I don’t want to think about it, because for me it was the best drunk moment I ever had.


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