Merry Xmas to the people at the NBI

Well, it’s that time of the year again when all of us start with our Christmas list, thinking of what to buy for who. Indeed, Xmas is in the air, everyone is practically into it including our favorite government department, the NBI. Our company and the NBI have had quite a history together, coz’ whenever the NBI needs the budget, they come here and raid our office for no apparent reason.

Just last Friday, Nov 23, 2007 we had another unexpected visit from our friends. The procedure was the usual, them coming in here and telling us not to turn our PC’s off and to quietly step out of our workstations. As usual they were being their brash, “tough man” image, thinking that they could intimidate us. Newsflash for all you @$$holes in the NBI, that style only works in the movies, and you’re  just making your lower than scum image even worse.

Now, I’m not really sure if they had a warrant with them at that time, but come on now they really didn’t have to be such jerks if they wanted to check our computers. If they expect some respect from us, then it would only be appropriate that they treat us with respect as well. But that wasn’t the case, they went in here with their he-man attitude ordering everyone around like they were running the place. Hey, it was quite clear that all they wanted was a little mucho dinero for their Xmas shopping.

C’mon guys, the image of our government is bad enough! All you beer bellied lard heads are proving that money comes above everything? Don’t you people have any shame? But then again maybe you don’t. Now I’m sure the people at the NBI will look for some stupid reason to justify their actions, they always do, and the sad part is that they get away with it. It’s sad to imagine that this is what our country has become, and no one is doing a God damn thing about it.

Well to the NBI, who is busy doing a lot of things except their duties, have yourselves a Merry Xmas.


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