Christmas is in the air.

Well, it’s that time of year again. The season of giving is upon us again, and I’m sure that a lot of people are pretty excited not only for Christmas, but for other things as well. Things like Christmas bonuses and the like. And other things like setting up the Christmas tree, decorating the house and planning out ones Xmas wish list.

It’s nothing much, but it’s simple pleasures like this that give this season so much meaning. Call me nostalgic or something, but it’s the one time of the year that I actually feel good for some strange reason. Not that I enjoy Xmas that much, it just has that certain aura in the air that makes me feel this way.

What I really enjoy seeing are the people running around doing their Xmas shopping early to avoid the Xmas rush, which is a pain in the head in case one gets caught up in it. Then there’s the Xmas songs that you hear almost everywhere. From department stores, jeepneys, and sidewalk stalls… Xmas is truly here.

The cold weather is another thing that marks the arrival of the Xmas season. Now, although the cool weather is something that we all welcome as a remedy for the almost all year heat wave, sometimes it gets so friggin’ hard to take a bath, especially early in the morning. Even with the heater on, the cold just bites underneath my skin.. brrrrrrr.

I haven’t really enjoyed Xmas that much, cause as of late I’ve spent it alone ( not really the best way to enjoy Xmas ), but the fact alone that it is Xmas makes celebrating the season still worthwhile. So, here’s to another Xmas! May you all have a prosperous one!


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