Someone actually reads my blog!

When I started this blog I wasn’t really expecting anyone to read it, let alone find it in the endless swamp of websites that flood the cyber world of the internet. However, yes however, when I attended a workshop at Powerbooks Megamall, they asked us to write down our blog sites along with our name and would you believe it, someone comes up to me and tells me that “Whatsonyourmind is yours? I’ve been there a couple of times.”

Okay, now that was really unexpected because as I’ve stated above, I wasn’t expecting anyone to be reading my posts. Well, it’s not like I don’t like it, I’m actually flattered. Yes, I know it may sound pathetic and shallow, but hey, I’m a pathetic and shallow guy so there. In some ways, it’s given me sort of a second wind to continue with this blog. I haven’t updated this blog for the longest time, but I guess that’s about to change right now.

I really don’t have anything meaningful to write now aside from this post which I should have written days ago. I guess being lazy does have it’s drawbacks but some things are hard to change. Anyways, I just want to thank the people who have read my blog, are reading my blogs, or just passing by.


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