AniCon 2008

I was just over at SM MegaMall yesterday October 5, 2008 for the Anime convention at the Mega Trade Hall, and I was very much disappointed when I got there.  Being a pure blooded Anime Otaku I was expecting a lot of Doujinshi stuff, toys, and great anime.  I guess I was expecting too much because what I saw that day was probably one of the worst conventions I have attended in my whole life!  The venue wasn’t organized I a really good way, it was like someone was in a hurry to get the venue set up and it shows!  Another thing that I found irritating was the Cosplayers.

Now I know Cosplayers are the people who’re supposed to give life to events like this one, but the Cosplayers present that day were just so bad they’d send chills up your spine and curl your hair!  The other I missed were the Doujinshi’s or original Manga artists, the only people I saw were the posers and fakers who claim to be Anime artists and rips off people by charging them insane prices for their crappy artwork!

Truth be told, I couldn’t spot one single thing in there that I could consider a highlight.  Even the bands who were playing Anime songs were murdering those great songs!  If you’re asking why I don’t have any pictures here, the answer is simple.  The event was so bad that I didn’t want to waste my time and effort to take pictures to the crappy Cosplayers, and an event that would’ve been better if it was planned out well.


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