Capcom set to come up with another versus series

Video game company hotshots Capcom is said to release another versus title to it’s huge collection of versus series. This new game is call Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and for those not too familiar with Tatsunoko, it’s a Japanese animation company responsible for the hit Gatchaman series or G Force or Battle of the Planets as it’s better known in the States. Other titles include Neo Human Casshan, Tekkaman and Karas just to name a few! On the Capcom side you have Ryu, Chun-li, Morrigan etc. Like most of the Capcom versus games, this one is a two on two slugfest where in you can tag in your partner anytime during the course of the match.

By the way, this game is in 3D and is loaded with effects, explosions, fireballs and all those eye candy that you love to see in fighting games. I really can’t tell you how the game handles because it’s still in it’s development stages, but from what I’ve seen so far graphics and gameplay seems to be okay. As one would expect from a Capcom fighting game, this one is a combo driven fighting game which means, the more combos you throw at your opponent the cooler it looks. I’m not sure though if this one has the EX function that some of the Capcom fighting games have.

It’s really good for Capcom to feature these classic heroes from Tatsunoko in a fighting game, I mean I use to watch Gatchaman and Tekkaman when I was a kid, and seeing them come to life in this game is really a nice treat. I only wished that Capcom didn’t put too many Street Fighter characters in this game. You have three of them actually, Ryu, Chun-li and Alex. I mean come on with such a huge collection of games I was wondering why Capcom didn’t include Captain Commando, characters from the Resident Evil and Dino Crisis series. But anyway, like what I’ve said earlier, the game is still under development and let’s just hope that Capcom makes the necessary adjustments to the character line up, but so far this game looks pretty good. Here’s a little preview of the game.


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