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The President’s costly trips and how it could’ve helped the country instead.

Posted in news with tags , , on August 19, 2009 by rebelhunt

Well it looks like that the present Philippine President has been on a spending spree going in and out of the country. I was so disgusted when I saw the news today saying that all the expenses that she wasted from 2001 to 2009 didn’t really matter. Hello? didn’t matter? I guess it doesn’t matter for her because she’s up there spending and wasting a good part of the tax payers money on all of those stupid international trips. What the hell is she thinking? Those funds could’ve been used for some project to help the homeless and street kids make something out of their lives, but she would rather dine in some expensive restaurant outside the country. Doesn’t she get stomach cramps when she thinks of how she’s blowing away all that money for senseless drivel? I guess not because if it did, then she would’ve stopped country hopping and started focusing on our country’s problems.

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