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RIP Paul Gray of Slipknot.

Posted in entertainment on May 26, 2010 by rebelhunt

Slipknot wasn’t one of my favorite bands, but their music changed the way I look at metal and the way I play. I was quite surprised to hear the news that their bassist Paul Gray was found dead in his hotel room at the age of 38. There was no evidence of foul play and toxicologists are still to release a report. Paul wasn’t the most flashiest metal bass player around, but what he gave to Slipknot was a distinct sound which gave the band their identity.

I only have a couple of Slipknot songs in my mp3 player, but those were the songs that made me realize how good and creative Slipknot is as a band and as musicians. If you go to Slipknot’s official site you can see that the first page is dedicated to Paul. There’s still no news from the band what their plans are, but let’s hope that they will continue to rock our socks off, I’m sure that’s what Paul would want.