Finally!!!! Metallica on Guitar Hero!!!

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I haven’t been a big fan of Guitar Hero but the game has given me a few smiles and was able to while away a good number of boring days. I still admit that I’m not a big Guitar Hero fan but their latest installment is something that I wished would come and now it’s here! Enter Guitar Hero: Metallica! Just about the best thing that happened to the Guitar Hero title. Hearing and being able to play the classic Metallica songs is just pure heaven and I can’t wait to get this title. I’m a big Metallica fan and those guys inspired me to pick up a guitar and start shredding and what better way to pay homage to them than by putting them in a Guitar Hero title.

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What’s up for 2009

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Another year has passed, and I’m thankful that I was able to live through this one without too many problems.  I’m happy to say that this year was quite uneventful and at the same time sad because there was nothing new to rave about in the world of anime and gaming; that is until later, and I mean later this year.  Being a hardcore anime fan I’m always on the lookout for some good anime titles that’re worth my time.  For the greater part of the year I thought I was going to be disappointed.  But lo and behold, just when things seems like it was going to be an otaku’s worst nightmares, a couple of good titles sprang up just this latter quarter of the year!

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Capcom set to come up with another versus series

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Video game company hotshots Capcom is said to release another versus title to it’s huge collection of versus series. This new game is call Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and for those not too familiar with Tatsunoko, it’s a Japanese animation company responsible for the hit Gatchaman series or G Force or Battle of the Planets as it’s better known in the States. Other titles include Neo Human Casshan, Tekkaman and Karas just to name a few! On the Capcom side you have Ryu, Chun-li, Morrigan etc. Like most of the Capcom versus games, this one is a two on two slugfest where in you can tag in your partner anytime during the course of the match.

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AniCon 2008

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I was just over at SM MegaMall yesterday October 5, 2008 for the Anime convention at the Mega Trade Hall, and I was very much disappointed when I got there.  Being a pure blooded Anime Otaku I was expecting a lot of Doujinshi stuff, toys, and great anime.  I guess I was expecting too much because what I saw that day was probably one of the worst conventions I have attended in my whole life!  The venue wasn’t organized I a really good way, it was like someone was in a hurry to get the venue set up and it shows!  Another thing that I found irritating was the Cosplayers.

Now I know Cosplayers are the people who’re supposed to give life to events like this one, but the Cosplayers present that day were just so bad they’d send chills up your spine and curl your hair!  The other I missed were the Doujinshi’s or original Manga artists, the only people I saw were the posers and fakers who claim to be Anime artists and rips off people by charging them insane prices for their crappy artwork!

Truth be told, I couldn’t spot one single thing in there that I could consider a highlight.  Even the bands who were playing Anime songs were murdering those great songs!  If you’re asking why I don’t have any pictures here, the answer is simple.  The event was so bad that I didn’t want to waste my time and effort to take pictures to the crappy Cosplayers, and an event that would’ve been better if it was planned out well.

Someone actually reads my blog!

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When I started this blog I wasn’t really expecting anyone to read it, let alone find it in the endless swamp of websites that flood the cyber world of the internet. However, yes however, when I attended a workshop at Powerbooks Megamall, they asked us to write down our blog sites along with our name and would you believe it, someone comes up to me and tells me that “Whatsonyourmind is yours? I’ve been there a couple of times.”

Okay, now that was really unexpected because as I’ve stated above, I wasn’t expecting anyone to be reading my posts. Well, it’s not like I don’t like it, I’m actually flattered. Yes, I know it may sound pathetic and shallow, but hey, I’m a pathetic and shallow guy so there. In some ways, it’s given me sort of a second wind to continue with this blog. I haven’t updated this blog for the longest time, but I guess that’s about to change right now.

I really don’t have anything meaningful to write now aside from this post which I should have written days ago. I guess being lazy does have it’s drawbacks but some things are hard to change. Anyways, I just want to thank the people who have read my blog, are reading my blogs, or just passing by.

On the subject of laziness

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“I’m feeling so lazy today!”  That’s how we usually start our day on a normal work week.  Well, let’s face it, everyone feels lazy now and then, some feels lazier than some but still lazy nonetheless.  I was having a little chat with one of my officemates during our break with regards to laziness and what would be the best jobs for lazy people.  Now you don’t have to take everything here seriously, since our discussion was to kill time and was purely nonsense.  Anyway, going back to the subject of laziness, we thought of different jobs, most of them house based work.  But I was thinking that home based work won’t really work for someone who’s lazy.  Since lazy people just tend to lie around, face the boob tube for the whole day, I thought that the perfect job for lazy people would be to test out newly built homes.

What I mean by test is, they get to sleep, pig out and do everything what lazy people usual do, and that’s to stay home the whole day and do nothing but waste their time.  My friend was nodding in agreement adding that a report should be made regarding the condition of the house and what needs to be added or removed.  I know a lot what I’m saying here doesn’t make a lot of freaking sense, but this is my blog and I figure I get to say whatever I want to, and if you’ve read my post up to this point it’s either you’re interested in what I have to say, or just have nothing else to do. 🙂

Christmas Shopping

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As Christmas draws even nearer, people are rushing to complete their Christmas shopping. I for one am not really in a hurry because, I don’t have to buy too many gifts. I’m only going to be buying gifts for a handful of people, aside from my relatives of course. So, for me Christmas shopping is somewhat something I enjoy since I’m not usually in a rush to get all the things that I need. Unlike some people who get stressed from diving into a crowd of people especially in Greenhills and Divisoria, it’s something like a leisure walk for me.

I know that it may sound weird, but I guess that’s just how I am. I particularly like to do my shopping at Greenhills, there are a good number of stalls that sell all sorts of different stuff, from shirts to shoes, toys and accessories. The prices are a bit more affordable compared to those at malls, and you can find a lot of very interesting things there. I do all of my Christmas shopping in one day, and I make sure that I have my list with me, because the last thing that I want to do is to go back because I forgot something or someone on the list.

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